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Steak & Herbs


IMG_1976Steak & Herbs
This is my go-to steak recipe. You won’t cook a steak any other way once you try this. 

What you’ll need:

  • Quality NY Striploin
  • Few cloves of garlic
  • Lemon
  • Herbs (Tarragon, Basil, Rosemary)
  • Butter or Ghee
  • A steel fry pan
  • Cutting board
  • Quality Sea Salt & Peppercorn
  • Quality Olive Oil


  1. Allow your steaks to come to room temperature 15-20 mins. Coat both sides in sea salt & peppercorn.
  2. Crank your burner to High Heat and add a hunk of butter/ghee to your steel fry pan.
  3. Press your steak into the hot pan, searing the outside for a 2 minutes on all sides, (watch as your salt and pepper almost forms a crust on the outsides).
  4. While you are searing on all sides, use a sprig of rosemary and halved clove of garlic and rub your steak with each, repeatedly until your steak is cooked they way you like it. Use the sprig of rosemary almost like a baster, in the pan to warm up and soak juices then rub on the steak. Repeat. Discard when done.
  5. LINK (Palm of Hand Guide)
  6. Let your steak rest for a few minutes (general rule: half of your cooking time)
  7. Use a cutting board and slice your steak diagonally, roughly chop a clove of garlic and all your herbs, about a handful when all chopped.
  8. Toss your steak, herbs, garlic, olive oil, squeeze some lemon and season to taste. Serve!

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